Technical Management

Technical Management - Civil Turf

The best guarantee for ensuring compliance with the objectives of the project proposed initially , in terms of quality and costs through optimization of resources, logistics and operations.

In the implementation phase of the project, the excellent management of the work is perhaps the only guarantee the property has to safeguard the objectives initially proposed in terms of quality and costs.

Civil Turf guarantees that the technical specifications drawn up in the project development phase will be respected and optimized by project management during the execution phase of the project.

  • Tendering / Bids
  • Site Management
  • Project management and execution. Operations and Logistics.
    • Control and Budget Monitoring
    • Control of work deadlines
    • Quality Control and Enforcement
    • Materials and inventory control.
  • Maintenance Management & Greenkeeping
    • Greenkeeping (technical monitoring)
    • Agro-climatic studies
    • Staff and machinery sizing.
    • Investment analysis in relation to quantity standards

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