Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy - Civil Turf

Strategic financial and agricultural analysis as a guarantee of success and sustainable growth. Our mission, vision and values focus on economically, socially and environmentally sensible and viable projects.


Conserving water and soil is the best investment for sustainable economic growth.

Promote an agricultural revolution, leading projects, processes and management of agricultural systems to obtain the highest economic, social and environmental profitability.

Agricultural systems from food production as well as all recreation and leisure crops are strategic to the economic development and welfare of our immediate future. Water and Soil conservation is the best investment for sustainable economic growth.

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Lead innovation in agriculture with technology.

Integrate new measurement and assessment methods, technical tools and management models that improve productivity and energy efficiency of crops and green areas, optimizing resources and creating a more profitable and more environmentally sustainable scenario.

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Satisfaction and excellence for our clients and employees.

Promote the agricultural industry´s image as strategic for the economy, health & social welfare. Environmental sustainability and energy efficiency as an unequivocal form of development.

Innovation and continuous improvement in processes and management models should be present in our everyday life.

Ethical integrity and commitment to all our stakeholders: Farmers and farm owners (agricultural and agricultural systems), sports field surfaces (golf courses, polo fields, soccer, rugby, horse racing, etc.), Agri-businesses and the Food Industry, Agricultural Universities, and public and private associations and institutions.

The professionalism, confidence, rigour, effort and flexibility in the development of the duties of each member of the organization.

Teamwork as a formula that promotes communication, expression, accessibility and cohesion between all members of the organization.

Fostering creativity as a way to facilitate the development of aesthetics and original styles and system innovation.

Transparency in business operations and economic efficiency in order to ensure business profitability.

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