Agronomy- Civil Turf

Sinne agriculture nihil.

Agro-ecosystems improve the social and economic reality when subjected to a strategy for the future and viability of farms. Agriculture and livestock farms have been part of the idiosyncrasy of the people in the past and still are and will remain a key strategic part of every nation worldwide. The water, soil and energy are limited and scarce essential resources for life and we need to manage them properly and rationally, also in food production.

What we offer

Predictive agronomy for increased farm profits.

We analyze and optimize the costs for our clients, studying crop rotation and alternative systems, adapting monitoring schemes in crop care, fertilization schemes and plant protection in the following areas:

  • Traditional Agriculture
  • Conservation Agriculture and Direct Seeding.
  • Hydraulic Engineering. Irrigation Systems.
  • Greenhouses and intensive agriculture.
  • Farming

On our team there are Agronomists who are experts in Phytotechnics,, Soil Mechanics and Land Use Planning by UPM, specialized in Conservation Agriculture by Agricultural University of Passo Fundo (Brazil) as well, having completed training in organizations such as EMBRAPA (Empresa Brasileira for Agricultural Research) and leading companies in the area of direct seeding like SEMEATO.

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