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Landscaping & Smart Green City - Civil Turf

"Plant a garden, because the expansion of green in nature serves the same purpose as space in art, silence in music or pause in speech" Eleanor of Castile, Queen consort of England, XII century

Parks and gardens in cities are key elements of the "urban ecosystem" and therefore should be part of any strategy to improve the environment and quality of life of city dwellers. The preservation of green and natural spaces is our ethical duty to societies of the present and the future.

These areas include, in addition to agriculture and urban gardens (green roof), an ideal setting for the practice and dissemination of views based on the criteria of sustainability. Educational areas of high ecological value, in cities, high schools, elementary schools, universities and public and private enterprises, which play a key role in raising awareness of urban youth in relation to nature and conservation.

What we offer

Green Cities, integrated projects, functional and sustainable recreation, but with a high value placed aesthetic and environmental concerns.

Our services study the design, construction and maintenance of our urban future: The Smart Green City.

For this, it is important to consider the rehabilitation and recovery of ecologically and environmentally degraded areas as a result of industry, construction and real estate.

  • Landscaping and gardening.
  • Green City
  • Green Roof Designs.
  • Agriculture and urban gardens.
  • Rehabilitation of degraded areas.

On our team we have specialized Forestry Engineers (Silvopastorism) , GIS, Renewable Energy, Environmental Management and Auditing. In addition, internationally recognized Landscape Designers regularly make up our group of consultants and collaborators.

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