Servicios - Civil Turf

We provide guidance and advice needed to boost economic activity in the area of agricultural in order to create wealth and national and international business opportunities.

We implement the best ad-hoc adjustment with the development of an Integrated Master Plan for clients requiring analysis, studies, engineering, technical direction or advice from one or more of our consulting services.

  • Strategic Consulting

    Civil Turf helps public agencies, governments, companies, national and international developers and land owners to become familiar with the viability of their projects.

  • Project Engineering

    Civil Turf’s extensive experience in the implementation of agronomical and environmental projects makes us as one of the most effective engineering companies for drafting any type of environmental projects.

  • Technical Management

    The best guarantee for ensuring compliance with the objectives of the project proposed initially , in terms of quality and costs through optimization of resources, logistics and operations.

  • Technical Advisory

    The goal of Civil Turf Sensible Engineering is to manage agronomic and environmental systems rationally and with the highest quality for conservation and operation with savings and energy efficiency optimization.

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