Source: Civil Turf 31 May 2017

Civil Turf and Tiloom sign a Strategic-Commercial Alliance.

Civil Turf and Tiloom sign a Strategic-Commercial alliance to offer a coaching service or agronomic support to its clients.

Civil Turf has been integrated with Tiloom to offer a coaching or support service from an agronomic point of view to those customers who not only want to be linked to our company for the technical support of the tools we distribute,, but also require assistance in the interpretation of the information collected, analysis of the data captured by our equipments in a completely personalized way or the definition of working strategies to take full advantage of the most disruptive technology, but with a professional agronomic basis and adapted to their needs.

Tiloom complements its tooling and instrumentation offering with a professional agronomic monitoring service to its customers through this Strategic Alliance with Civil Turf

-Get the most out of the technological resources of the market from the hands of specialized engineers.
-We interpret all the information that you obtain from tools and we will perform an analysis and diagnosis from an agronomic point of view.
-Work with us in that all the information available supposes a way to the optimization in the use of resources and a continuous improvement of its processes

In our proposal for coaching 2.0, Tiloom has integrated important human and material resources into its team.

The background and experience of our Technical Team allows us to offer our clients an accompaniment in the needs diagnosis and agronomic coaching with an important technological basis, focused on meeting their needs with the best resources.

"What is not measured, can not be improved." Lord Kelvin

For the execution of cultural labors, Civil Turf-Tiloom also has spreaders, topdressers, tractors,vertidrains, mowers, and a Full turfgrass machinery equipment that will allow you to meet your needs with an optimized relation quality - price.

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